STI testing

Want to know more information about STIs? Concerned you may be showing signs of an infection or have come into contact with one?   Are you looking to advise a friend, a loved one or a patient about testing?

We are experts in identifying, treating and managing a range of STIs. We offer comprehensive services across a range of locations, staffed by specially trained clinicians and support staff, supported by class-leading diagnostic and laboratory services.  

We offer:

  • Self- managed care for those wishing to test themselves. 
  • Quick-check testing for those without symptoms who require support from a clinician
  • Clinician taken testing for people with symptoms, concerns or risks
  • Testing and treatment for contacts of infections
  • Treatment only, for people with an infection who have tested elsewhere
  • Specialist partner notification to reach partners more quickly and easily
  • Specialist Dr led clinics for people with complex clinical needs
  • Psychological support for people affected by STIs

Our services are free, confidential and open-access for all.  

Order your STI test at home kit

All you need to do is answer some simple questions, order your test at home kit, send it back and then we'll text you the results.

Order your STI test at home kit